About the Artist

Will Alkin has been drawing and painting all his life. He studied figure drawing and color theory at The American Academy of Art in Chicago. His bachelor’s degree is in Radio TV Film from the University of Texas. His study of film noir, frame composition and lighting has influenced his painting. Major influences are the lives of the abstract expressionists of New York, and the Custom Car Culture of California including Ed "Big Daddy" Roth and Robt. Williams.

Oil and acrylic on canvas are his main media, but he also does charcoal drawings and digital art. The subjects of his paintings are unlimited, including portraits, landscapes, and abstracts.

He has been a professional graphic designer for twenty years, working first in news graphics for KVUE television in Austin, Texas, then at the Austin American-Statesman newspaper and now on his own as a freelance web and graphic designer in Eugene.

His photography has appeared in the San Marcos Daily Record newspaper and in the New Zone Gallery in Eugene.

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